Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server

Subscription fee per Year


Purchase only what you need.

EURO 99,-


Team Server Edition
7 models of any type (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Firebird etc) and unlimited web users.

EURO 4.449,-


Enterprise Server Edition
Unlimited models of any type and unlimited web users.

EURO 7.099,-


Sparx Systems Prolaborate a Procloud license is obligatory for operation

Subscription fee per Year


Prolaborate License Pack – 10 UserEURO 1.059,-EA_PL10
Prolaborate License Pack – 25 UserEURO 2.199,-EA_PL25

Prolaborate License Pack – 50 User

EURO 3.499,-EA_PL50

Prolaborate License Pack – 100 User

EURO 4.579,-EA_PL100
Prolaborate License Pack – 250 UserEURO 6.959,-EA_PL250
Prolaborate License Pack – 500 UserEURO 9.329,-EA_PL500
Prolaborate License Pack – 1000 UserEURO 11.199,-EA_PL100
Prolaborate License Pack – 1500 UserEURO 12.499,-EA_PL1500
Prolaborate License Pack – UnlimitedEURO 16.099,-EA_PLUNLIM


Price indication for on Premise, Cloud Hosting use the online calculation.

All indicated prices are stated in Euro per license excluding VAT. The total price is calculated taking the graduated price, multiplying it with the number of licenses purchased.

In order to keep the purchase of our products as simple and secure as possible, we cooperate with the well-known software dealer ShareIT. This provider offers secure instant purchase by credit card, or orders can be carried out by fax, email, or phone.

Do you prefer buying direct? Please send an order on official company stationery including invoice address, VAT ID, product, quantity and the email addresses of the end users. Following payment of our invoice, we will send the desired number of license keys to you right away.

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